Mike Evans

Mike Evans is a professional athlete, playing wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League. He played college football at Texas A&M, where he earned consensus first-team All-American honors after recording a school record of 1,394 receiving yards on 69 receptions, and was drafted by the Buccaneers in the first round with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Evans is married to Ashli Evans and has two daughters Mackenzie and Ariah Lynn Evans. Always driven for success, Mike wants everyone to have an opportunity to reach their potential and his goal is to find ways to help the youth accomplish goals they could never imagine.

Ashli Evans

Ashli Evans is the wife to Mike Evans. Mrs. Evans attended Blinn Junior College in College Station where she met Mike. She now spends her time raising their youngest daughter, Ariah Evans, all while taking care of their two homes and all of their family needs outside of football. Ashli is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spokeswoman for the Publix “Tackle Everything” Campaign. She enjoys giving back to her community and to families in need and believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their goals.

Amanda White

Amanda White serves as the Director of Client Services for Day 1 Sports & Entertainment, the agency representing Mike Evans. Amanda handles all day-to-day operations of the business, making sure all clients’ needs are met off the field. A Kansas native currently residing in Dallas, TX, Amanda partners with the Evans family in their philanthropic endeavors by planning and managing foundation events and operations.


Brandi Dotson

is the mother in law of Mike Evans. She has been a part of several successful fundraising events and is eager to help the Mike Evans Family Foundation establish the steps to help carry out its mission. Brandi is a native Texan, currently residing in Houston, and works as a Registered Nurse with 17 years of experience, specializing in high-risk obstretics. She has worked as a public servant most of her adult life in which 10 years of those were as a 911 operator. She grew up in a small town just outside of College Station, TX where football and all sports, as well as community service, were a big part of her upbringing. She is a devoted Christian, mother of two wonderful children, and grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters. When time permits she loves spending time with family, traveling, cooking, crafting and being outdoors.

Darren Jones

is the President of Maven Sports Group. He is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Law, is a licensed attorney-at-law, as well as a certified NFL Players Association contract advisor. He is a labor and corporate law expert and has received numerous awards and recognition as one of the top lawyers in the country. He has vast experience in contract and endorsement negotiations, collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and arbitrations and has served as legal advisor to numerous professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities and charitable and non-profit organizations. Jones serves as Evans attorney and co-represents him with Deryk Gilmore. Jones serves as legal council for a fortune 500 company, president of a youth baseball league, and has several philanthropic endeavors in the city of Atlanta.

Deryk Gilmore

Owner and CEO of Day 1 Sports and Entertainment, Mr. Gilmore has been a certified agent with the NFL Players Association for 12 years and represents several of the top players in the NFL including Mike Evans. Gilmore has co-represented Evans as his football agent from the time he entered into NFL. Gilmore also is the president of The Total Package Group, a packaging company based out of Atlanta and certified with the Georgia Minority Business Development Council. His packaging business works with several large automotive dealers. A former coach in both the Pac 10 and Big 10, Gilmore graduated with an MBA in Operations and MS in Sports Marketing from The University of Illinois and BS from Penn State University where he played on the 1986 National Championship team. He’s married to Camille Chang Gilmore, VP of HR and Chief Global Diversity officer with Boston Scientific who also serves on several national boards. They have two sons Dantae’ and Deion Gilmore.

Heather Kilgore

Ms. Kilgore is the mother of Mike Evans and has been instrumental in his life. As a single mother she raised three children and has been a mother to many in the city of Galveston, TX. Ms. Kilgore is the type of role model we seek for the board and a representative of the community we hope to help. There is no better voice for young mothers who have encountered struggles and had the fortitude to overcome those battles and help their children strive for success.

Jerald Temple

has been in athletics and education for over twenty years. He was Mike’s high school basketball coach and has been a part of his support team for the last several years. Coach Temple is one of the camp directors for the annual Mike Evans Youth Football Camp held in Galveston, TX. Today Coach Temple continues to work closely with Mike on several projects.

Josephine Edwards

a Galveston native, has always had a passion for helping people. She has been involved in different areas of healthcare, everything from research to, presently, direct patient care as a registered nurse. Josephine is also a founder of her own non-profit organization for adolescents focused in Galveston County. While keeping herself busy with education and community service she has also managed to be the head of a family of six. The Mike Evans Family Foundation furthers her reach for Galveston County youth and beyond. As a leader in community service and adolescent outreach she was excited to bring her expertise to bear in this new capacity.

Ronald “Slim” Williams

is an American Businessman who founded Maven Sports Group and co-founded the highly successful record label Cash Money Records along with his younger brother Bryan “Birdman” Williams. With his younger brother, he is the executive producer for much of Cash Money artist’s albums, especially Lil Wayne. Williams has served as a mentor to Evans and his business pedigree will assist Evans with his future philanthropic platforms and programs.

Terry Petteway

Having known Mike since he was a child, Mr. Petteway has served as a father figure to Mike. Mr. Petteway formerly coached Mike in high school, and served as a mentor to him during his childhood. Mr. Petteway seeks to continue providing guidance to Mike by serving on his Board of Directors.