Mike Evans Family Foundation

Where football has given Mike an emotional outlet in the past, it now offers him new opportunities. Mike has always known that there’s more to life than playing football. He knew he had the gift of having a platform to help others, which led him to establish the Mike Evans Family Foundation with his wife Ashli in December 2017. The foundation focuses on empowering youth, encouraging education and taking a stand against domestic violence.

Mike and Ashli are passionate about making a difference in as many lives as possible by helping people get an education and by creating a safer world for their kids and all children.

Mike recognizes the fact that if he had not been blessed with his talents to excel on the football field, then he would be in the same position as so many other people who attend college and then have the burden of debt. That is why the foundation also focuses on awarding scholarships to students. The foundation works to award scholarships to people who are passionate and well-rounded, and who may not have the opportunity to attend college because of financial reasons.

While many will know and remember Mike for his impressive on-field career, he’s working just as hard to leave his legacy off the field by helping as many people as possible.