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"Everyone deserves opportunity to be great. The goal of the Mike Evans Family Foundation is to support, empower, encourage and motivate today's youth with an understanding the NO goal is unattainable. We plan to give students a chance to reach the 'Endzone of Life' no matter who they are or where they come from."

Changing Lives

Passionate about supporting educational development, Mike Evans and his wife, Ashli, launched the Mike Evans Family Foundation in December of 2017. The foundation will develop a college scholarship program for graduating high school students from low-income families in need of financial assistance. Evans experienced significant hardships throughout his childhood, which is why the foundation also supports women and families battling domestic violence.

"I wanted to start a foundation for a while now, and we are finally getting it done. We are focusing on helping kids who do not have the funds to go to college - kids that come from low-income families that worked really hard to apply for college and got in, but need financial assistance. If I wouldn't have had a scholarship to go college, then I probably wouldn't have went or I'd probably be in debt if I did, so I wanted to help as much as possible in that aspect. Secondly, I want to focus on women and families that suffer from domestic violence because I grew up in a household with domestic violence and I know ho hard that can be."

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