Mike Evans holds celebrity golf tournament in honor of his foundation

Mike Evans holds celebrity golf tournament in honor of his foundation

Former Texas A&M Aggie football player, Mike Evans held a golf tournament to help raise money for his foundation, the Mike Evans Family Foundation.

More than 150 participants including professional football and basketball players teed up next to Evans at the Texas A&M Campus Golf Course.

Former Aggies like Johnny Manziel hit the green and showed his support for Evans foundation.

The proceeds go to a college scholarship program for graduating high school students from low-income families in need of financial assistance as well as supporting women and families battling domestic violence.

"You know I think this is what life is about, you know, you have fun, enjoy your time while you are here but help people along the way and especially if you have been you know blessed beyond measures. So you know I have been blessed, have had a lot of help throughout my life and I just want to pay it forward," said Evans.

The Mike Evans Family Foundation helps support, empower and encourage today's youth by motivating them to reach their goal regardless of economic status.

"I had my own struggles growing up and I had people help me so I want to give back because nothing should be able to stop you from reaching those dreams and goals," said Evans.

Jerald Temple, Evans former high school basketball coach said he is very proud of all that he has done.

"I am extremely proud of him and I know he has also been very humble, so it's nice to see my former player out there doing good for the world," said Temple.

Evans said he was happy to be back in Aggieland where his career took a turn and made him who he was today.

"It's always nice to be here, I mean everyone is so friendly, I know the community also shows support and has our back, so it's nice," said Evans.

"He's the kind of man that you want people to grow up to be and when you actually see it, you don't have words for it, so I am so proud," said Temple.

Source: KBTX TV | Amber Treybig | May 5, 2018