Training Camp 2018

Training Camp 2018

I’m excited that football and training camp is back (even if it means I have to cut back on my Fortnite time). The team and I are looking forward to getting the ball rolling early this season.


It’s good that we have an experienced veteran backup QB like Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s so smart on the field. Being in the huddle with him is a lot different; he’s a much older guy. His experience level is going to help us a lot. That’s why we have him. We have a really good quarterback room; one guy’s down; next man up.


“Fitz” and Jameis are pretty similar because they both have a really nice touch. They don’t just throw it in there as hard as they can every play. They throw it in just right, and they protect you a lot especially when you’re going across the middle. I appreciate that.


I do think that the strength of our receiving corps will help get the team past the first three games without Jameis. Honestly-- I feel like we have one of the deepest and most talented receiving groups in the league. I’d put us up against anybody out there. When we are playing our best, we can compete with the best of them.


I don’t think spreading the ball amongst all of us will be a problem. I think it will get shared enough, and we as receivers can’t get too down if things aren’t going our way. I’ve had games during my career where I had zero catches, one catch. As long as we win, I’m happy.


I do hope this season that the receiver room can drive the team, because a lot of our talent is in that room. We’re looking to make some real big plays this year for all the fans out there. Looking forward to great season!