Ready To Get To Work

Ready To Get To Work

Every year it seems like the offseason flies by. I’ve been putting extra work to get my body healthy and my mind right, and am focused on improving in every way.

In addition to spending time with my family, I did a lot of events for my charity this offseason. Working with the kids and my football camp back in Galveston always gets me excited about Training Camp. Giving back is something I love to do-- I know a lot of kids from the area. It's so much fun seeing everybody competing and interacting, especially the younger ones.

I can honestly say that our offseason workouts were great and mini-camp was very productive. All of the guys got great work in and there’s a lot to be excited about this season for us. I think fans are going to love what they see out of some of the young guys like Chris Godwin and Ronald Jones. I know DeSean has his mind set on having a big year this season.  

Now that training camp is here-- I’m excited about the future and what we did in the off season. Some people dread camp, but I love it. I love seeing the fans getting excited and continuing to support me and the Bucs every season, it gets us even more motivated.

The guys and I are ready to take this year to a new level. We’ll see you out there.