MEFF Football Camp

MEFF Football Camp

My 3rd annual Mike Evans Family Foundation Football Camp was a huge success again this year. There is nothing quite like being back in my hometown of Galveston, TX. I get to see family members and friends who I grew up with, along with meeting tons of new kids who are passionate about football.


I wouldn’t be able to impact the community on this level of magnitude without the support of the city of Galveston. The community truly comes together to make this event a beautiful thing each year. We all love working together to bring positivity to the community and giving kids an experience that they won’t forget.


The camp is designed for kids ages 8-14. This is perfect for me because I love interacting with kids this age. They are so impressionable and eager to learn. It’s awesome making their day and teaching them the fundamentals of the game. We aim to make the camp a place where kids can form friendships and just be themselves.


But most importantly, I hope the kids take away the values we are teaching them. For instance, hard work, education, sportsmanship, and teamwork are all values that they can take away from this experience. They can apply these values to other aspects of their lives outside of football as well.


Our youth are an extremely important part of society. They are our future! This is my opportunity to impact, interact, & empower them in the community that raised me.


Can’t wait to do it again next year!