MEFF: Catch for Christmas

MEFF: Catch for Christmas

We are excited to announce the first annual Mike Evans Family Foundation “Catch for Christmas” program. This is an accumulation of three events in the Tampa area hosted by the foundation. The first event will take place on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 717 South in Tampa. This dinner fundraiser will serve two purposes; first, funds will go to benefit high school students in low income families that have been accepted to college and have a need for financial assistance. The foundation provides three levels of scholarships a) tuition b) books, and c) a combination of both. Secondly, funds will go to benefit a domestic violence women’s shelter. For the third event, I will be doing a toy giveaway for 13 young students who will be chosen based on need and their willingness to help their communities. Each of these causes touches me personally. I feels very passionately about giving back to each community, especially during what may be a very difficult time during the holiday season.

Ticket sales will open to the general public on 11/1. Until then, we will be providing

you and those within your circles of influence the exclusive opportunity to purchase sponsorship packages for the fundraising dinner before the opportunity is available to the public. We have detailed on the attached sheet what will be included with each level of sponsorship. Guests will not be permitted to bring outside memorabilia in to the dinner, but memorabilia is included in selected sponsorship packages. There will be several Tampa Bay Buccaneers alongside myself who will be hosting the event and available to sign those items. The Mike Evans Family Foundation is a 501 C-3, so the donations for this event are tax deductible.

To register for the event and order tickets, please visit or you can select the package you wish and mail back the form in this packet with your check. You can reserve your table and once your check is received you will receive an email confirmation. To ensure that all the funds go to the foundation we are asking individuals to mail checks in to: Mike Evans Family Foundation, P.O. Box 271850, Tampa, FL 33688-1850.

We look forward to you enjoying the evening with me and my teammates where we can interact with you on a personal level and get to know you and your guest. Giving back to the community is extremely important to both Ashli and I and we appreciate those in the Tampa Community supporting the youth and helping instill the importance of education. We can’t do it without your support. Thank you!