College Days at A&M

College Days at A&M

Being Back on Campus

Whenever I do go back, I can’t help but think how great it is to be back in College Station.

I know other schools play great football and have amazing fans. But there is nothing quite like the way people in Texas love football, and especially Aggies. When I go back for visits and walk through the stadium, the fans still give me so much love for what I did back in the day.

That’s what I miss most about my time in college. I miss the fans and the tradition. That’s pretty much it. There are no fans like Aggieland.


The Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. Duke in 2013 (My Last Game)

I loved my time at A&M. I was fortunate to have such great coaches and to play with some great teammates. I can’t say enough about my quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

I know I was lucky to be able to play with such a great QB my whole college career. When you have a guy like Johnny back there-- a guy that can make plays happen all on his own. He certainly made it a lot easier for me to do what I do.

Playing with Johnny and those guys and having the success that we did while going to a school that loves football as much as A&M fans do—it brought a whole new meaning to being the “Big Man on Campus.”

I appreciate the love the fans gave us then as much as I appreciate it now. That’s a large part of the reason why things got a little heated between me and Johnny during the Duke game.

That game-- I was like, come on. We’re playing Duke. I didn’t take them seriously, which I know now you can’t do that.  But I didn’t. Because of that and with how the game was going up to that point—well, it was pretty emotional on that sideline.

I had almost gotten ejected. I had already gotten a penalty because I thought I had been interfered with earlier in the game. All I wanted to do was have the best game of my career because I knew it was going to be my last game. I wanted to blow Duke out and leave the fans with a great game.

It didn’t go as I thought it would. But we ended up having a very fun game. But I just wanted things to go perfect, and I got very emotional. I thought some calls were not being made my way.

So, when Johnny got in my face and was yelling at me, he was saying,” Mike what are you doing? I need you!” With how things had been going, I wasn’t in a good mental space for someone to be doing that. But that’s what quarterbacks do; that’s what leaders do—and that’s fine.

We ended up winning, so it’s all good.


Most Memorable Play

People always want to know what my favorite play was. I love the 95-yarder against Alabama, but we lost that game. It was an awesome play; I like that play a lot. But my favorite play was the third and 19 catch I made against Ole Miss in 2012.

We were backed up on the goal line; it was something like the six-inch line. Coach Kingsbury told Johnny to give me a chance; to just throw it up to me. Johnny got some air under it, and I took over the defender’s head. We got the first down and went on to score on that drive.

The defense got the ball back for us. We scored again and went on to win that game. I think that one kind of turned our season; if we had lost that game, it could have been ugly.


Why Texas A&M?

I’ve been asked several times why I chose Texas A&M over the other offers I had. Honestly—it’s hard to say. I’m certainly glad I went to A&M. I loved my time there. I love my teammates, my coaches, the fans, etc. We had some awesome alternate uniforms (the all-black ones we wore against Mississippi State in 2012).

But that was all stuff I couldn’t know before I decided to go.  All I can really say is, when I stepped foot on Kyle Field, I was like, “Yeah, this is where it’s at.”